William Avery Hudson LLC

New collaborations for sustainable economic growth, sound environmental stewardship, and promotion of human health and creativity.


I provide writing and editorial services (including but not limited to key messages, press materials, white papers, website development, and social media campaigns); development and publicity support; and strategic counsel for startups and established groups facing novel opportunities and challenges.


Three decades of continuous experience in public affairs and public relations in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors.

Terms & Fees

Predictable budgets, even in times of crisis.

You can be sure I will strive to resolve your communications problems efficiently and effectively. Because I seek assignments only when I think I can make a uniquely valuable contribution to my clients and their stakeholders, my project-based fees will reflect the best value for your budget.

You'll find that I bring the experience you are looking for, the commitment to get the job done, and fresh insight and enthusiasm for the project at hand and your ongoing endeavors.

Contact Information

William Avery Hudson LLC
300 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10025


+1 917 364 8980

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